Mr. Izzy

Ms. Madi

Hello! My name is Ismaael Rankin, and I am a self taught breakdancer of 8 years and have been a hip hop enthusiast all my life. Hip hop dance is all about expressing yourself, being creative, supporting your peers, and challenging yourself to try new things. During class, the children will not only get a chance to release lots of energy and learn new unique movements, but they will also learn some of the history behind urban dance and its effect on their community. 

"Practice makes progress, not perfect because no one is perfect." -Mr. Izzy

Hello everyone! My name is Stephanie Rios. I have fourteen years of experience in Early Childhood Education. My passion focuses on being able to assist with laying a foundation of learning for young children. My motivation is learning while teaching young minds. I am fluent in Spanish and enjoy incorporating my Latin culture in lessons. Visual Arts is a style that provides creative thinking and expression, an important component for young children. During art classes, children will have the opportunity to formulate and explore historical and cultural context of works in the arts. But more importantly, children will have fun as they explore and express their individuality in each project.

Ms. Stephanie

Hello! My name is Jordyn Forrest. One of my biggest passions is to bake. People often say you need to really love what you do in order to pursue something. To an extent, I agree, because why do something you don't like to do every day? But more so than that, I firmly believe that it takes discipline and persistence to make anything work, even with things that you aren't in complete love with. 

Ms. Jordyn
Ms. Neesha
Ms. Danika