Hello! My name is Ismaael Rankin, and I am a self taught breakdancer of 8 years and have been a hip hop enthusiast all my life. Hip hop dance is all about expressing yourself, being creative, supporting your peers, and challenging yourself to try new things. During class, the children will not only get a chance to release lots of energy and learn new unique movements, but they will also learn some of the history behind urban dance and its effect on their community. 


"Practice makes progress, not perfect because no one is perfect." -Mr. Izzy

Mr. Izzy Hip Hop Instructor



(Ages:  2 - 3 yrs.)


Calling all Baby Boppers! This dance class is a fusion of basic hip hop and creative movement to get all the dancing wiggles out. Through creativity, the dance class focuses on kid's muscle development, coordination, and musicality! Parent (or caregivers) presence required since parents participate as needed. Dancers must be at least 24 months prior to the session starting. Great for boys and girls!


This class does not have a dress code. 


Class time:  30 minutes




Level I (Ages: 4 - 7 yrs.)


This fun, high-energy kid's dance class enables boys to be boys and girls to let loose while developing creativity, coordination, musicality, and listening skills. Activities include hip hop, basic break dancing, and dance games in a non-stop action-packed class that will have you movin' to the beats! All music and moves are age appropriate.


Dancers encouraged to participate in the Annual Spring Recital. This class has a dress code.


Class time:  1 hour


Level II  (Ages: 8 - 12 yrs.)


This exciting and fast paced kids dance class will leave your dancer feeling fresh! Don’t be intimidated...great for kids who want to be challenged, learn various styles of hip hop, push creativity, and boost confidence. All music and moves are age appropriate in this fun and open hip hop dance class for boys and girls.


Dancers encouraged to participate in the Annual Spring Recital. This class has a dress code. 


Class time:  1 hour



(Ages:  3 - 5 yrs.)

A unique and exciting program, constructed especially for the very young. Lessons include games, stories, traditional and original songs designed to stimulate the imagination and creativity of each child and encourage strength, flexibility, balance and precision in the child’s body. A great first dance class!

This class does not have a dress code.  

Class time: 1 hour



Level I (Ages:  3 - 5 yrs.)

Designed for the slightly older beginner or for children who have previously completed the pre-school program. The class includes an introduction to primary level ballet work and a more in-depth presentation of basic tap dancing steps. The class goals are for students to develop coordination, flexibility, rhythm, body awareness and to discover that movement can be fun.

This class has a dress code. 

Class time: 1 hour


Level II (Ages 5-8)

Designed for students who have previously completed Level I. A continued study of primary level ballet work and tap dancing with the emphasis on more advanced steps and concepts.

This class has a dress code. 

Class time: 1 hour

2020 Spring Recital Costumes

  • Tap Class

  • Hip Hop - Level I & II

Kidz 4 Fitness (K4F) offers mobile dance classes. Age-appropriate choreography, dance games are progressive which enables children to learn in stages while.


Classes offered:


  • Creative Movement

  • Hip Hop Fitness

  • Preschool Tap

  • Preschool Ballet


All props, instruments and equipment are provided. Great for boys and girls. All children are encouraged to participate in K4F Annual Spring Recital.


Kidz 4 Dance