is a program aimed to help build positive character

and self-esteem.

Today it is very important for children to develop a strong, positive character and self-esteem. Setting and achieveing goals are an excellent way to learn. In Ten Colours of Acheivement, goals are set by the children and they must work towards achievement.

Each color-assigned level is a character trait necessary to understand and practice to complete their goals. Goals will be specific, significant, measurable, rational and most important, tangible. In other words, children will set goals which will use their five senses, brainpower and skillfulness.

We want children to aspire for goals they can clearly visualize achieving. Each level has a time frame of 8 weeks for completion. Children will have limited assistance as they will learn to develop skills of independence, persistence and patience to succeed.


Colours of Fitness



RUNNING WITH CHARACTER is a program developed to promote the sport of running/walking while building character skills. RUNNING WITH CHARACTER is non-competitive and helps children feel pride as each level of skill is accomplished. 




  • EARLY RISERS  ​for those children who are interested in getting their day started with exercise.  Offered during the months of September through May, children meet everyday before school and walk and/or run a mile.  Each participant earns a token for milestones reached during year.  Medals are awarded at the end of the year. 


  • WALK-TO-RUN  is for those children who are new to exercise, have a minor medical concern, or desire to train to run a 5k. Children are introduced to speed walking, jogging and interval running. Nutrition and hydration is discussed.

  • I CAN RUN A 5K  is designed for children who want to run their first 5k. Cardio and flexibility are included as a part of training. Nutrition and hydration are also discussed. 


KIDZ 4 Fitness participates in numerous 5ks each year. Children and families are welcome to join us!