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We at Kidz 4 Fitness (K4F) believe:


Everyone should have the opportunity to learn and choose a healthy lifestyle; good habits are best started early;

and a child's job is to play. They love to be active. They need to be active.


                                                                 OUR PHILOSOPHY


Our philosophy is based on a holistic approach to health/wellness. We strongly believe overall wellness is more than physical. Daily activities must include use of the mind as well as the spirit within for overall wellness. Therefore we teach through: 


  • Fitness Classes (Body)

  • Character-Building (Mind)

  • Community Service (Spirit)

  • Creative Lounge Art Classes (Body, Mind, Spirit)

  • Nutrition Education/Cooking (Body, Mind, Spirit)



MOVE IT! Kidz 4 Fitness makes every effort to provide a loving, understanding, comfortable, safe, and nurturing environment where children will be stimulated and encouraged to develop social, physical, emotional, and intellectual skills. 



                                                             WE ARE CERTIFIED/INSURED



We believe in safety first. Experience and knowledge is the key. Most of K4F Coaches/Instructors are certified personal trainers. All other Instructors (Dance, Art, Chefs and Martial Arts) have more than 3 years of experience in their field.


Each K4F Coach/Instructor is always accompanied with an Assistant for each class. All staff are CPR-First Aid/AED Certified and have update.



                                                                               MOBILE/ON-SITE CLASSES



Currently we only offer Mobile Classes. Our staff travels to daycares, libraries, recreation centers and homeschooling sites. You provide the space; we do the rest!


Our onsite location is COMING SOON!  




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